Case Study.

Chick Fil A

Proof of Concept.

Today’s drive thru is archaic and what is now is not going to be tomorrow. Capturing and processing video for tracking purposes is of little use to a store team without a simple way to visualise what’s happening around them in the drive through.


I analysed existing solutions and products used by drive through restaurants.


User Interviews.

Meeting drive through staff helped me to understand the process and products used to monitor the drive through experience. They observed car timings and comparative data across stores on an outmoded TV monitor captured by 2-3 cameras on site.

Design Challenge.

Inform and direct staff in various scenarios via an interactive touchscreen interface.

Concept sketches.

Early sketches and paper prototype that informs drive through staff on orders, payments and pickup timings, delays and bottle neck trends, balk monitoring, visualising the restaurant schematic, queues of cars, etc.

sketch paper prototype paper prototype dashboard dashboard

Prototype and feedback.

I created a prototype and showed it to drive through staff making improvements based on their feedback. Staff can tap elements on the touchscreen to view data such as orders, car timings etc.