• I create beautiful and simple design.

Thinking and strategy.

Good design is the outcome of thinking clean. I work through design challenges asking - what problems are we trying to solve and what obstacles must we overcome? This helps me craft experiences that make digital places feel meaningful, drawing on connections, trends and patterns that emerge through a user-centred design process.

user centered design

Design and Innovation.

Tapping into users’ unmet and unarticulated needs - the most secure source of new ideas that have a competitive edge. I uncover needs by engaging with users to deeply understand their problems and rely on user insights gained through a series of prototypes to learn, test and refine concepts.

user centered design

Core Strengths.

I craft meaningful digital experiences.

product design

Product design.

Turning ideas into products, and brainstorming to uncover solutions to design problems. I define concepts through research and analysis, ideating and prototyping iteratively to shape the product.

ux design

User experience design.

I gain a deep understanding of users, their needs, abilities and limitations. Taking into account business goals I work to improve the quality of the user’s interaction with the product.

UI design

User interface Design.

I focus on the interface design by strategically implementing UI elements to enhance the user experience, engage users and build trust in the brand.


A culture of collaboration underlies my work ethic.

IoT Hot Desking App

Smart Workspace Solution

Workplace IoT solution that highlights available desks and meeting rooms via sensors, so employees can book hot desks using an app.

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Meat and Livestock Australia

Blockchain for Provenance

PoC designed in collaboration with the Australian meat industry and supply chain stakeholders, to investigate a Blockchain-enabled future model for export.

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Florence Patient Tracking

Patient flow technology

Web app runs on touchscreens in examination rooms at the Auckland City Hospital enabling nurses and doctors to check patient’s details, activities and queue sizes.

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People Portal

Engage teams in the conversation

People Portal digital communication platform helps organisations to better engage, communicate, and train their shift-based workforce via messages, reminders, short videos and follow up questions using ‘snackable’ content through the use of imagery and multimedia.

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Mindful and Intentional Daily

Raising the visibility of kids in care

Mindful and Intentional Daily (proof of concept), is an app for Outside School Hours Care services that promotes program delivery in alignment with the National Quality Framework of Australia and Framework for School Age Care.

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Simplifying online auctions

Redesigned the Smartnumbers® website for the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) www.smartnumbers.com.au to make the auction site user friendly.

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Drive Thru

Track the drive thru experience

Dashboard that illustrates the drive-thru experience from the customer's perspective.

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