Case Study.

Smart Workspace Solution

iot hot desking app

booking app

Business Challenge.

Office space utilisation is one of the biggest challenges corporates face in terms of reducing rental costs while also maximising employee productivity.

IoT based hot-desking cuts out the time that employees waste whilst looking for an unoccupied desk. This has boosted effective working time and thus employee productivity.

Employee Productivity.

booking app

Booking Desk Space.

IoT sensor devices installed throughout the office space delivers accurate and real-time information about desk availability.

Real-time data enables employees to book available desk space. The booking lasts for a set amount of time before it is released again if the desk remains unoccupied.

Design Challenge.

Make it easy to find and book a hot desk.

User Personas.

We kept the user's needs and pain points at the center of the design process by creating user personas.

User Journey Map.

The journey map provided insights into the users' experiences at different touchpoints and uncovered solutions to obstacles.

Screen Flows.

Screen flows mapped the user's journey through the app and the completion of tasks to achieve their goals.


Wireframes and an interactive prototype created in sketch, demonstrated the effective working of the product.