Case Study.

Blockchain for Product Provenance

Meat and Livestock Australia

Product Provenance.

Blockchain technology represents an opportunity for improved supply chain efficiency, transparency, authenticity, compliance and traceability. It has the potential to play a major role in providing immutable provenance of products.

Australia has the proud reputation as a provider of safe, high quality food. This Proof of Concept (PoC), was run in collaboration with recognised meat industry and supply chain stakeholders to establish a Blockchain-enabled future model for export.

Journey mapping.

We mapped the product journey from induction of animals into the feedlot, through to processing, packing, shipping and distribution.

product journey mapping

User Personas.

From the above process we defined the main user personas namely the feedlotter, abbatoir supervisor, supply chain manager and wholesaler.

wholesaler user persona

blockchain admin user persona

Storyboards & Paper Prototypes.

We sketched workflows and storyboards that covered each step of the process - induction, processing, packing, shipping and distribution and ran workshops on paper prototypes to elicit feedback from stakeholders.

paper prototype

paper prototype

paper prototype

paper prototype

Wireframes & Interactive Prototypes.

We tested and refined interactive prototypes with potential users following an iterative design process.

paper prototype

Moodboards & Style.

Moodboards enabled us set the tone and style of the UI design.

UI Design.

Using a mobile first approach we designed the responsive user interface for users in different segments of the supply chain.

mobile UI