Case Study.

A Lean product approach

mind app

The app helps educators coordinate a children's service by cutting out paper work and increasing the visibility of children in care.

mind app

Design Challenge.

Enhance the safety and visibility of kids in care.

journey map

User Journey Map.

Understanding the problems and needs of educators and parents through observation, interaction and field studies, and using the insights gained, helped me to explore solutions. Creating a user journey map uncovered pain points.

Synthesizing user needs and insights uncovered solutions.

1. QR code technology to sign children in and out of care.

2. Policy and procedure available at the educator's fingertips.

3. Make the whereabouts of every child visible via the interface.


Target audience and market.

I determined the target audience and market and identified quick wins.

needs target audience quick wins


I mapped out the workflows, created sketches and paper prototypes and got feedback from users. (Below) Some early rough sketches for the dashboard.

dashboard dashboard dashboard interaction design interaction design interaction design concept sketch

The interface needed to be simple and tasks grouped according to the user's mental model.

Interaction Design, prototypes and testing.

I designed the user flows and tested with potential users. I used Sketch and Invision to create a high fidelity prototype.

(Below) Extra Curricular activities, wireframes for Child Observations, Dashboard, Reflection Journal linking to the National Quality Framework, Learning Outcomes for children.

extra curricular activity dashboard dashboard

Booking App

Parents can book their kids into a care service - register kids, make, view or cancel bookings. Bookings made by parents appear on the MIND tablet app used at the service.

booking app


Book kids into care in under a minute.

Concept design.

I sketched several concepts and explored design patterns such as date pickers to determine the quickest and easiest solutions.

Paper Prototypes.

I created paper prototypes and tested these with potential users.


I designed interactions, created wireframes in Sketch and a click through prototype in Invision, iteratively refining the design by testing with users.

interaction design screen flow