Case Study.

People Portal

People Portal

Design Challenge.

Communicate effectively with staff at clock-in using different types of media.

Uncovering needs.

I interviewed potential users - managers from different organisations, to uncover needs, gain insights and distinguish between wants and needs.

HR manger who worked for large enterprize needed -

1. Access to ‘decision making KPIs’ via the app's analysis feature.

2. To view the attendance results of employees who were ‘on time’ and those who were ‘late’.

3. To ensure compliance and to complement training packages.

A small business owner wanted that -

1. The app highlight the daily/weekly 'labour cost percentages' crucial to the business.

2. The test scores of staff - both the 1st score as well as the 2nd if they retook the test set via People Portal.

3. To send communication not only to employees but to customers too.

Competitor Analysis.

I analysed competing products in the market - Neocast, SnapComm, Media Center and TypeForm, in terms of their purpose, scope and target audience and studied their use of playlists, networks and players, media libraries, media groups, smartlists and tags.



Purpose - People Portal facilitates short and sharp communication between managers and team members. Managers can create media files including messages, video clips, multiple choice etc. Media files are scheduled for publishing to team members and devices at specific times/days.

The purpose encompasses training, ensuring compliance, invitations to meetings, soliciting employee feedback and insights, conducting ‘employee temperature tests’, ensuring health and safety, communicating policy and procedure, reminders / warnings / alerts, testing employees etc.


I sketched workflows, concepts and and created paper prototypes to determine effective ways in which managers could create and schedule media content for viewing on secific dates, devices and by specific employees.

concept map paper prototype paper prototypemobile

I explored ideas for the use of search filters, tags, media files and media scheduling.

media scheduling media scheduling media scheduling media scheduling user groups media scheduling user groups rules

User Testing & Refining.

I created prototypes and tested concepts with potential users using remote testing techniques. I conducted 3-4 rounds of testing and made design iterations based on the feedback.

user testing report user testing report

UI Design.

I designed the interface in Sketch, designed the landing page, the media library, data visualisations and tested the prototype.

landing page media scheduling

media library data visualisation

(Above left, right) Landing Page, Media Scheduling. (Below left, right) Media Library, Metrics.