Case Study.


Design Challenge.

Lift the legal complexities and make the auction process simple and visible for a user to bid on a Smartnumber™.

Usability issues.

Discussions with stakeholders revealed usability issues and problems that users faced. Buyers made frequent calls to helpdesk in order to understand the process of bidding on a Smartnumber™.

Paper prototypes.

I sketched concepts and prepared to test the paper prototypes

Activity Scenario.

I wrote an activity-scenario to facilitate the usability tests.

storyboard activity scenario

Usability Testing.

Recruited participants and facilitated usability tests. Stakeholders wrote observations of the usability testing session via video recordings.

Iterative Design.

Based on feedback from user testing, I iterated the design and tested with users again.

Electronic Prototype.

I created a click-through prototype in Axure and tested the prototype with users, iterating the design based on feedback.

wireframe wireframe

Summary of Recommendations.

I made a Summary of Recommendations based on the usability testing of the prototype.

summary recommendations

UI Design and Style Guide.

I designed the UI and created the style guide, working with a developer to implement the front end design.

UI design Search